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Hammer and gavel beside a pair of wedding rings
Family Law

Helping your Family

Family law can be emotionally draining and overwhelmingly stressful. Hire Bragee Law to alleviate that stress and seek comfort knowing your interests are protected.


Divorces are emotionally and financially draining. We seek to be a steady constant that our clients can lean on in the midst of an unfortunate and stressful situation. Hiring a lawyer in a divorce case is an important decision. The things you value most in life are at stake: children, property, finances. Hire a lawyer who understands the impact a divorce can have on your family. Adam W. Bragee has an undergraduate degree in accounting and his financial background is imperative to ensuring our clients’ finances are protected. Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, it is important to have a legal representative fighting for what you are legally entitled to.

Child Custody and Child Support

Children’s needs must come first. Parents know their children’s needs better than anyone. Going through a divorce or separation can be a challenging process for the children involved. At Bragee Law, we do everything we can to advocate for the best experience possible for your child. This is especially true when calculating child support payments. It is essential to make certain the divorce does not impact the financial support a child receives. Child support is a calculation determined by various financial factors of the parents, and non-financial factors of the family makeup such as number of children. It can be complicated, but the team at Bragee Law is ready to serve you.