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Workers' Compensation

Injured on the Job?

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act is a law that protects the rights of Illinois workers when they are hurt on the job. Illinois employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you sustain an injury arising out of the scope and course of your employment, you are entitled to benefits. Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, an injured worker can take advantage of benefits such as medical treatment, coverage of medical bills, total temporary disability payments (commonly known as "comp check") and an award based upon the percentage of disability associated with your injury.

Wages When Working 100%
Total Temporary Disability Rate 66%
Permanent Partial Disability Rate 60%
Medical Bill Coverage 100%

TTD (total temporary disability) is what injured Illinois workers receive when they are unable to return to work due to their workplace accident. Every worker’s TTD rate is different. Generally speaking, TTD is 66% of the injured worker’s average weekly wage. Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, an employer is required to cover all of an injured worker’s causally related medical bills. This is commonly our client’s biggest fear – who will pay for my medical bills? After the injured worker is released back to full duty, the team at Bragee Law will pursue a permanent partial disability (PPD) award, or a permanent total disability (PTD) award for the client. In Illinois, the PPD and PTD rate is 60% of the injured worker’s average weekly wage. To maximize your compensation, and to feel comfortable navigating the complicated Illinois Workers’ Compensation system, call Bragee Law today. We will ensure you recover every dollar to which you are entitled.